SSCCNA Community Documents
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions June 6, 1995

1st Amendment October 8, 1996

Affected the following sections:
     8.8 when assessments are to be paid
     9.5(a) (i) setbacks
     10.4(g) rentals can be 1 week
     15.6 using words SSCCA in printed promos
     Sect 2/Exh.C(a) parking
     Sect 3/Exh.C(v) laundry drying and towels on rails
     Sect 3/Exh.C (vii) signs on houses
     Sect 3/Exh.C(viii) storing things on decks, etc.
     Sect 4/Exh.C leases are for 1 week minimum

2nd Amendment March 30, 2005

Adds or includes all property of CC, and southeast by Wood Ave, sw by Olive Way, & nw by
Ocean Blvd.

3rd Amendment April 24, 2006

Affected the following section of original Declaration:
     9.5 (a) 45’ high
           (b) 33% natural veg, grass lawns allowed
           (c)  fiber cement siding and shingles allowed

First Supplemental Declaration October 8, 1996

Adds Lots 26-33 and Common Area (Plat Book 23, Map #254)

Second Supplemental Declaration July 14, 1999
Adds lots in Phase III at Coast Cottages (Plat Book 25, Plat 199)

Third Supplemental Declaration March 15, 2000

Adds “An 802 Minor Subdivision of Lot 25, Phase II and Lots 34,35, & 36, Phase III SSCC (a
portion of abandon Beach Drive at SSCC)”  Plat Book 26, Plat 11) and all of lots 25, 34, 35, 36

By-Laws June 6, 1995

Design Guidelines 2005

Declaration of Easement and Covenant to Share Costs October 29, 2002

Sets up an agreement to share costs of the Common Areas; sets up a formula for how to charge
the Villas; gives the Villas powers to approve any changes; etc.

Amendment to Tract 4 Modified View Easement July 14, 1999