Community Rules

1.        Park your vehicles ONLY in the spaces directly in front of your cottage. (see Parking Plan)  

2.        No parking allowed on the street, at the pool area, or in any common area.

3.        For the safety and security of children, always make sure the beach gates are locked behind you.

4.        Do not hang clothes or towels from balconies or porch railings.

5.        Do not store bicycles, chairs or toys on porches or other areas visible from the street.

6.        Boasts, trailers, recreational and commercial vehicles not permitted anywhere in the neighborhood.

7.        Pets must be kept on a leash. Owners, please pick up after your pets.

8.        Use only the trash cans in front of your cottage for trash.

9.        Only GAS, PROPANE or ELECTRIC grills are permitted at Coast Cottages, and only as follows:

    a.       No charcoal grills are permitted under any circumstances.
    b.      No grills of any type are permitted on porches or balconies.
    c.     Permitted outdoor grills must be permanently placed at ground level.
    d.    Permitted outdoor grills must be located as far away from the main structure as possible, and must not
    otherwise pose a fire hazard.
    e.      No portable gas fire pots are permitted, nor any other device or condition that allows an uncontained
    open flame.

10.        Private events are not permitted in the pool & pavilion area. these areas must be kept available for
all owners and guests at all times.

11.        Outside guests are prohibited beyond the occupancy limit of your cottage without SSCCNA Board

12.        No excessive noise please. Quiet time is from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Our neighborhood is made up of permanent residents, part-time residents, and
vacationers.  Compliance with the above rules will assure an enjoyable seaside
experience for everyone.